Catering & Reception Menu

Cater your next event with LUNCH. Ask about our concierge services.

Prices and offerings subject to change
At least 24 hours notice required for most items
Coordination fees applicable to some items



Tongs, cutlery, plates, and napkins will be provided. Minimum 6 people

Minimum 6 people

Wrap or Sandwich Platters

Offered on multigrain bread, whole wheat wraps and/or on gluten free rice wraps.
$7.95 per person
Minimum 6 sandwiches/wraps

Avocado V

Avocado, arugula pesto, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and crisp leaf lettuce.

Calabrese V

Bocconcini cheese, fresh basil leaves, tomato, olive tapenade, baby arugula, and lemon pesto aioli.

Chicken Caesar

Marinated chicken breast, double smoked bacon, shaved parmesan, romaine lettuce, and LUNCH Caesar dressing on a whole wheat tortilla.

Chicken Club

Roasted chicken breast, double smoked bacon, aged cheddar, house tomato relish, mayo and leaf lettuce.

Curry Chicken

Marinated chicken breast, roasted red onion, roasted red pepper, chickpeas, sweet mustard mayo and crisp leaf lettuce.

Hummus V

Hummus, marinated carrots and onions and baby spinach leaves.


Mortadella, Genoa salami, ham, swiss cheese, spicy pickled eggplant, lettuce and honey dijon on a fresh Rideau bakery bun.

Roasted Turkey

Roasted turkey breast with mango curry mayonnaise and crisp leaf lettuce.

Salad Roll

Shrimp, rice paper wrap, mint, cilantro, and rice vermicelli with house peanut hoisin sauce.


Roasted chicken breast, sun-dried tomato pesto hummus and crisp leaf lettuce.

Sweet Potato Cucumber V

Roasted sweet potato, english cucumber slices, goat cheese, sun-dried tomato & pesto mayo wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce

Tarragon Chicken Salad

Roasted chicken, red grapes, dried cranberries, walnuts, green onion, celery and fresh tarragon.


Albacore tuna, pickled ginger, wasabi mayo, marinated onion and arugula.

Group Side Salads

Salads are served in large recyclable bowls.
$4.95 per portion. Add sliced chicken breast for $4.50 per person
Minimum 6 portions

Asian noodle salad, quinoa & feta salad, grilled vegetable spinach salad, caesar salad, coleslaw salad, Greek salad & mixed green salad.

Group Meal Salads

$9.25 per person
Minimum 6 portions

Cobb Salad

Crispy romaine, roasted chicken breast, avocado, hard-boiled egg and red wine vinaigrette.

Citrus Chicken Salad

Spring salad blend with roasted chicken breast, orange segments, cabbage, daikon and citrus vinaigrette.

Additional Lunch Suggestions

Available all day
Minimum 6 portions

Vegetable Platter V GF

A selection of fresh seasonal vegetables served with our LUNCH dip.

$4.50 per person

Cheese Platter GF

An assortment of aged cheddar, Jarlsberg Swiss, goat cheese and Brie with grapes. Served with gluten free crackers.

$6.75 per person

Mediterranean Picnic Platter

Hummus, tabbouleh, marinated eggplant, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and grilled pita.

$7.50 per person

Mediterranean Picnic Platter with Chicken

Hummus, tabouleh, marinated eggplant, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, grilled pita, chicken breast, and mixed green salad.

$15.75 per person

Ploughman's Lunch Platter

Cheddar & brie cheese, roasted chicken, turkey, salami, cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, grilled red onion, hard boiled egg, and lettuce, Dijon mustard, chutney and mayonnaise served with a Rideau bakery multigrain bun.

$15.50 per person

Build Your Own Sandwich

Turkey, smoked ham, roasted chicken breast, salami, tomatos, lettuce, pickles, swiss, cheddar, a selection of condiments and assortment of specialty buns.

$13.00 per person

Breakfast Suggestions

Available all day

Fruit Platter

A selection of cut fresh seasonal fruit.

$4.50 per person

Muffin Platter

Daily selection of muffins made every morning on site.

$2.50 per person

Pastry Platter

An assortment of LUNCH muffins, plain/cinnamon/chocolate/cheese croissants, and fruit danishes.

$2.75 per person

Croissant Platter

Plain, cinnamon, chocolate, and cheese croissants served with butter and jam.

$3.25 per person

Protein Breakfast Platter

Hard boiled eggs, smoked ham, cheese, crackers, peanut butter and fruit.

$9.95 per person

Make Your Own Yogurt Parfait

Vanilla Greek yogurt, berries, and granola.

$7.00 per person

Hot Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, maple sausage, bacon and seasoned home fries.

$8.50 per person

Hot Breakfast with Croissant

Scrambled eggs, maple sausage, bacon, seasoned home fries, and a mini croissant.

$9.75 per person

Smoked Salmon Platter

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, sliced egg, lemon, fresh herbs and locally made bagels.

$10.00 per person

Dessert Platters

Minimum 6 portions

Cookie Platter GF

Choose from chocolate chip, ginger, peanut butter, oatmeal cranberry and gluten free double chocolate.

$2.25 per person

Dessert Square Platter GF

Choose from either chocolate peanut butter rice crispy, nanaimo bar, coconut pecan chocolate, gluten-free honey oat bar and salted caramel brownie.

$3.25 per person

Assorted Dessert Platter

A mix of our in house-made dessert squares and cookies.

$2.75 per person

Fruit Platter

A selection of cut fresh seasonal fruit.

$4.50 per person

Cocktail Party Suggestions

Great to combine with our "One Bite & Go" selections

Premium Cheese Platter

Smooth blue, ash-covered goat, soft washed rind Sir Laurier, semi soft Cantonnier and le Saint-Raymond cheese with grapes, cranberries, nuts, and an array of house preserves. Served with an assortment of crackers including gluten free seed crackers.

$9.00 per person

Charcuterie Platter

Featuring an assortment of Seed to Sausage cured and dried meats, gourmet cheeses, nuts, fruits, pickled vegetables, chutney, olives, crostinis, and fresh breads.

$12.00 per person

House Dipping Platter

A medley of our house dips. Artichoke & spinach dip, roasted red pepper hummus, baba ganoush and roasted sweet potato chipotle dip. Served with rosemary crostini, toasted pita, gluten free seed cracker and cucumber slices.

$7.75 per person


Individually Packaged Cold Meals

Minimum 6 portions per dish

Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads

All sandwiches and salads from our Retail Menu are available.

Picnic Boxes

Any of our catering sandwiches served on a whole wheat wrap or gluten free rice wrap served with fruit salad, cheddar cheese and gluten free artisan crackers and a dessert square in an individual see through container.

$16.95 per box

Individual Protein Breakfast

Hard-boiled eggs, smoked ham, cheese, crackers, peanut butter and fruit served in an individual see-through container.

$10.95 per person

Individual Ploughman's Lunch

Cheddar & brie cheese, roasted chicken, turkey, salami, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, grilled red onion, hard-boiled egg, lettuce, dijon mustard, chutney, and mayonnaise served with a Rideau bakery multigrain bun and dessert square in an individual container.

$17.95 per person

Individual Mediterranean Picnic

Hummus, tabouleh, marinated eggplant, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, grilled pita, chicken breast, and mixed green salad in an individual container

$16.95 per person

Chicken Noodle Bowl GF

Rice noodles, teriyaki chicken breast, pineapple, candied beet, daikon, bok choy, snow pea, watermelon radish, red cabbage, cilantro, and sweet ginger chili sauce.

$9.95 per person

Tofu Noodle Bowl V GF

Rice noodles, teriyaki tofu, pineapple, candied beet, daikon, bok choy, snow pea, watermelon radish, red cabbage, cilantro, and sweet ginger chili sauce.



Chaffing Menu

Add a soup or salad and dessert for $6.75

Minimum 10 portions per dish


Hot BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Build your own Pulled Pork Sandwich with our BBQ pulled pork, house pickles, and Rideau Bakery bun. Served with house coleslaw.

$9.75 per portion

Queso Cheese Nachos GF

Salsa verde chicken & chipotle beef, spicy cheese queso, green onion, salsa, black olive,red pepper, jalapeño and our house corn chips

$12.65 per portion

Tofu and Mushroom Stir Fry V DF

Marinated tofu, mushrooms, beans, bell peppers with soy, ginger, and garlic sauce. Served with rice noodles or basmati rice.

$12.65 per portion

Vegetable and Chickpea Curry V DF

Chickpeas, carrots, bell peppers, and onion simmered in a hot curry coconut cream sauce. Includes naan bread.

$15.00 per portion

Chicken Curry and Basmati Rice

Chicken breast, bell peppers, onions and carrots simmered in spicy coconut milk curry sauce and cream. Can be made dairy free. Includes naan bread.

$16.50 per portion

Chicken Parmesan

Breaded and pan-fried chicken breast with marinara sauce, melted parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Served with linguine pasta and Mel's thick and chunky tomato basil sauce.

$14.50 per portion

Eggplant Parmesan V

Pan-fried breaded eggplant with marinara sauce, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese. Served with linguine pasta and chunky tomato basil sauce.

$14.50 per portion

Beef Stir Fry GF

Marinated beef, mushroom, green beans, carrot, and red onion in a spicy ginger, garlic, brown sugar, and sriracha sauce. Served with basmati rice.

$14.75 per portion

Taco Salad GF

Sliced roast chicken and chipotle marinated beef, lettuce, cheese, refried black beans, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, house-fried corn chips on mixed lettuces.

$17.50 per portion

Chicken Tagliatelle Pasta

Tagliatelle pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, oyster mushrooms, artichokes, and fresh basil cream sauce.

$15.35 per portion

Meat Lasagna

Chunky meat sauce, parmesan, ricotta, and mozzarella.

$15.35 per portion

Vegetarian Lasagna V

House tomato sauce, grilled vegetables, ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella.

$15.35 per portion

Mel's Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled garlic and fresh oregano marinated chicken skewers with rice pilaf, roasted potatoes, Greek salad, tzatziki, and seasoned pita.

$16.95 per portion

Salmon Fillet

Bronzed wild pacific "Ocean Wise" salmon served with corn and black bean rice, and florentine vegetables (spinach, zucchini, roasted tomatoes, and onion).

$17.65 per portion

Stuffed Mushrooms With Brie V

Portobello mushroom with balsamic reduction, thyme, rosemary, oyster and coffee mushrooms, and topped with brie. Served with almond brown butter green beans and traditional rice pilaf.

$18.15 per portion

Christopher's Fajitas GF

Chicken or beef served with lettuce, sour cream, cheddar cheese, house salsa, guacamole, mexican rice, and a trio of flour tortillas.

$18.95 per portion


One Bite & Go

4 pieces - $10.00 per person / 6 pieces - $15.00 per person

Minimum 15 people


Avocado & Smoked Salmon Canapé

A thin biscuit topped with diced avocado, smoked salmon and fresh dill.

BLT Canapé GF DF

Mini tomato skewered with double smoked bacon and romaine lettuc

Calabrese Skewers V GF

Pesto marinated bocconcini and cherry tomato skewers with balsamic reduction.

Corn Salsa & Black Bean Phyllo V GF DF

Black bean phyllo minis filled with grilled corn salsa and a dab of cayenne aioli.

Mini Asian Rice Wraps V DF

Sesame dressed rice noodles, julienned fresh vegetables, mint and cilantro leaves, and sesame seeds with peanut hoisin sauce.

Prosciutto Rolls GF DF

Lemon and garlic goat cheese with fig and arugula prosciutto rolls.

Edamame V DF

Served with kimchi and sweet ginger sauce.

Pear in Puff Pastry V

Sliced pear baked in puff pastry with curried mango and walnut.

Cucumber Tea Sandwich V

Cucumber sandwich with ricotta - chive cream cheese.


Hanger Steak

Medium-rare hanger steak crostini with sunchoke harissa puree.

Sausage & Pickled Onion Pastry

Sausage and pickled onion wrapped in puff pastry. Served with honey mustard.

Edamame and Pork Dumplings

Pork dumplings with kimchi and sweet ginger sauce.

Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla Trumpet

Rolled flour tortilla trumpet with Cheddar, chicken, bell pepper and cilantro. Served with pico de gallo.

Mini Pogos

Cornbread dipped frankfurters made in house Served with hot & sweet mustard.

Mini Pretzels

Served with pesto dijon.

Southern Fried Chicken Bites GF

Seasoned rice flour dusted chicken breast bites, tossed in creole spices and served with a lemon cayenne aioli.

Spanakopita V

Greek spinach pie made into neat little hand held delicious bites.

Spicy Bao Buns

Bao Buns with pulled chipotle chicken.

Thai Spring Rolls

Thai spring rolls with sweet & spicy dipping sauce.

Snacks and Sweets

Savoury Candied Nuts & Homemade Potato Chips

Candied almonds, peanuts and pumpkin seeds with sage, rosemary & thyme, seasoned house made potato chips.

Chocolate Eclairs

One bite handmade chocolate eclairs with Espresso cream filling.

Beatrice et Chocolat Truffles

Delicious selections from a local chocolatier.



Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Ginger Ale


Bottled Water

Eska, Fiji, Evian, Sparkling Eska, San Pellegrino Sparkling

$1.50, $2.40, $2.40, $1.80, $2.40

San Pelligrino Soda

Aranciata, Limonata, Pomplemo, Aranciata Rosa


Harvey and Vern's

Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, Root Beer


Equator Coffee

$1.95 8oz


Lemon zest, chai, berry, chamomile, Higgins & Burke, orange pekoe, green tea, earl grey


Fairlee Juice

Orange, cranberry, apple


Simply Juice

Apple, orange, lemonade


Happy Planet

Extreme Green, Extreme Energy, Blackberry


Buchipop Kombucha

Ginger, Berry, Ginger, Amarillo, Grape, Citrus



V8, Orangina

$1.75, $2.20