Whether it be a corporate work lunch, a 5 à 7, a birthday or a retirement party, LUNCH has you catered with our exclusive concierge service. What’s concierge you ask? We like to think of it as a fancy word for “don’t stress, we’ve got you covered”.

Finding a caterer can be a daunting task and deciding what you need from a caterer is a whole other matter. You start to ask yourself questions like: How much food do you really need to feed everyone?

What are typical crowd pleaser? How much variety should you offer? Next thing you know, you’re all worked up about your choice of bread (was it whole wheat or white?)

The way we see it, our job begins the moment you pick up the phone or send us an email. Let us alleviate some of that worry with our unique one-on-one approach where a member of our experienced staff will take you through the whole ordering experience. We pride ourselves on our customizable and personable catering style because at the end of the day, we’re in the business of serving you – our faithful clients.

As a local business, we specialize in keeping it simple and economically priced while staying true to our classic grab-and-go design. We know better than to mess with a good thing, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been having a little fun with our catering spread lately.

There are five distinct themes to choose from, starting with our traditional Catering Menu.

This is where you’ll find our staple fares in all their time-honoured glory. For something a little different, try our gluten-free vermicelli wraps (Rice Wrap Platter). They’re a light, nutritious alternative to a hearty sandwich and we’re not lying when we say they fly off the shelfs.

Minimum of 6 people required, prices vary.

You’ll find an array of hot and cold canapés in our One Bite & Go. If we could describe them in one word, it would be robust. For the meat lovers, we’ve got our Cocktail Sausage ‘Pig In A Blanket’ with only the finest Seed to Sausage locally smoked pork. For the veggie-at-heart, there’s our Cheese Quesadilla Trumpet. That’s right, a quesadilla canapé – we don’t skimp out.

Minimum of 10 people required at $15.00 per person. We suggest seven pieces each.

Our Smile & Cheese option combines the best of both worlds: canapés and platters. Our Mediterranean Picnic Platter is a fan favourite and we attribute its success to our secret ingredient: homemade hummus! Pair that with a Vegetarian Antipasto, a mix of marinated vegetables and mini-pita bread, or our Mini Salmon Wellington, topped with spinach artichoke cream and Asiago cheese in buttery puff pastry.

Minimum of 10 people required at $21.00 per person. We suggest five pieces each.

Nothing says problem-solver like our LUNCH Buffet, hot meals served with a choice of soup or salad, and a dessert. Our favourite addition to this menu, hands down, is Chris’ Fajitas. Can you say extra guac?

We’re also serving up pasta, stir-fry, and our take on a tried and true favourite – mac & cheese (a three cheese blend topped with house croutons)!

Minimum of 10 people, prices vary.

Don’t be fooled by our straightforward name because LUNCH is a lot more than, well, just lunch. Our Think Big menu is easily the most dinner-worthy. We like to call this our above and beyond option – more notably known as an a la carte option – for it’s bigger and better features. It combines all the best of what we have to offer and if you ask us, the fajitas and the Chicken Satay marinated in curry are hard to beat.

Minimum of 10-20 people, prices vary.

To top it off, if you’re looking to keep your catering needs as green as possible and reinforce that zero-waste resolution – perfect, then we’re your people. Any opportunity to maintain our level of efficiency is more than welcomed, it’s encouraged. Ask us about our recyclable containers.